Baked goods made from local grains

We honour Estonian grain. It’s healthy and tastes good! Eesti Pagar values local raw materials and knows what Estonian customers prefer. That is how we have won the loyalty of our customers.

Skilled bakers
It can be said that bread is the symbol for all food. That is why we are baking traditional Estonian bread for You. Our skilled bakers take pride and care in preparing dozens of different bread products for You that look amazing and taste wonderful. In addition to that, we like to surprise our clients with all-new products.

The mission of Eesti Pagar is to make the best quality bakery products using local ingredients and modern technology.

The vision of Eesti Pagar is to remain the best bakery in Estonia that meets the consumers’ needs by offering high quality products.

Modern technology and production
For centuries, making daily bread was a handicraft that took time and hard work. In mid-19th century, the first bread factories were built in Estonia, where at first steam powered machines were used. Later steam was replaced by electricity, which also led to an increase in production.

When you step into an Eesti Pagar factory today, you are surrounded by modern technology. Investments into new equipment have been a great help to our bakers. Modern ways of production help meet the high quality demands of today’s customer, as well as provide valuable nutrition for thousands of people in Estonia as well as abroad.

Biggest bakery in Estonia
Eesti Pagar is the biggest bakery in Estonia, and our brand has been seen on the local shelves since the year 2004.

We thank you for trusting us and promise that we will continue to delight you daily with delicious baked goods.

The company’s food security management system is in compliance with the requirements of the international BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.